29 November 2015

Last Run of Typewriters in the Wild

With the 2015 NaNoWrimo adventure winding down to its last 48 hours, it seemed a good time to post a run of images I took over the course of the year. These are various typewriters I found for sale in local antique stores. I only bought one (the Lettera 33) as it is the only machine I really still wanted. The others were just fun to see.

I've stopped actively collecting these lovely mechanical creatures and have sold or given away most of the 25 machines I so happily amassed. The ones I've kept are older models which I still enjoy using on a semi-regular basis.

If you are local, the two places these machines were found are Antiques on Pierce (formally Antiques on Second) and the Riverview Antique Market. As these images were taken in late Spring, it is highly unlikely that any of these machines are still available.

 Brother portable

 Mystery portable
(I didn't get the label in this pic. Can anyone ID this for me?)

 Olivetti Studio 45

 Petite Elite

Royal desktop

Royal "woodgrain" portable

Smith Corona Super Correct (electric)

Underwood desktop

Webster portable 

Lettera 33
(Exceedingly good condition, too, with all the original pamphlets & brushes.)

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