30 August 2013

A Thing Shall Be Made

Brother Architect and I have a by Shaun Tan, one of my very favorite authors. Both book and movie are titled The Lost Thing.

 "Saying hello" - acrylic, oils, collage.

Architect is also one of the key World Builders and Makers behind the wonderful, wonderful Wizarding Event that took place two summers ago.  It was a single-day, live action, role-playing theater improv event based on the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling.  The event took 6.5 months to prepare. The day itself was couched as the New Student Orientation Day at a wizarding school that echoed the Hogwarts of the books.  Nineteen very lucky children were the invitees.  I've been nattering about various aspects of the creative makings of that time on this blog.

"A dark little gap off some anonymous little street” - acrylic, oils, collage.

Well now, beloved Architect is once again scheming.  A grand machine-like thing he wants to build.  Sort of Steampunkish, sort of SciFi.  Knowing my tendency (indeed it is a family trait which, happily, my beloved Spousal Unit shares) to collect interesting things, he as asked me to look for things to make a thing

At this point only Architect knows what it shall look like. The basic notion is in his mind.  How it ends up will be a matter of what things can be found. 

So I went through my workroom stash and sent him photos of some of the things I had for him.  

And he recently sent me a pic of interesting things he's found.

I keep in mind that two years ago he envisioned, and then built (using entirely found objects and materials) a 7-foot Cabinet of Memories based on these single cast-off mahogany drawer pieces from a 100+ year old treadle sewing machine.  

So I've asked him if I can share the tale of the Grand Thing's Making and he agreed.  So now and then, here and there, I will post images and natterings about the thing being made.

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