01 January 2011

There Be Decency Among Us

I like to keep my universe to a manageable size.  As an information specialist in one of my professional incarnations, a Humanities educator/scholar in another, and a maker/artist in yet another, it's easy to get overwhelmed when perusing the Internet.  Here at Dante's Wardrobe I like to share some of what I've found.  My approach has an mindful component: no taking advantage of my readers with shocking material; no gratuitous images or text; and as rigorously as I can, always crediting people's work.  This isn't to say I don't have strong opinions on occasion; I will post material that makes me think about important, sometimes difficult subject.

So when I came across the work of "blogger, maker, writer, and ukulele player" Paul Overton this past Spring, I felt I had discovered a true jewel in the oft-madness of the Net.  It's not just because his online work is well-crafted (it's gorgeous) or because he has such a curious and entertaining eye when it comes to the art work of others he showcases.  It is because Mr. Overton is a decent man. 

He honors the work of others.  He respects the innocence and thinking minds of children.  He supports the commerce of art and making in a thoughtful and ethical fashion. Back in July of 2010 he posted An Open Letter to My Readers on his blog, DudeCraft.  If you want to see decency and mindfulness in action, I urge you to read it.  If you want to remind your soul of what is good and creative and fun in this world, make a visit to his blog a regular thing in your life.

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