05 August 2013

Typewriting, for History and for a Veteran

Beloved Spousal Unit and I had dinner at Turner Hall last night.  It's located not too far from the Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame and the Journal Communications Building, home of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. And on the corner of 4th and State Street is this sign.

For folks who think of the Midwest as flyover country, pray do keep in mind Mr. Sholes' contribution to the world of word-making (and business).

Speaking of people who "materially aided in the world's progress", a certain Milwaukee World War II veteran will soon be the new owner of a 1931 Underwood Portable that, up until this last Friday, was part of my collection. The gentleman's daughter contacted me after seeing the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article about me and my machines.  

Her father used this very model in his youth and, with his 90th birthday coming up this Fall, she wanted something to unique to honor him. It's rather perfect in my mind.  I bought this machine in Wausau, WI.  Not just because it was old (I have an older Corona 4.), but because MY Dad used an Underwood and it's the make of machine I first typed on when I was a kid.

For all that, this one never quite felt like it was mine. So when the lady made an offer, it seemed like the right thing to do. Dad to Dad and all.  She's going to have the machine refurbished and has promised to send me pictures of it and her Dad as well as his entire story after she gives it to him this coming November.  Something tells me that is going to be one mighty fine post I'll be sharing with you then!


  1. I don't remember seeing that gravestone plaque before; it's very nice.

    You are probably aware of the upcoming 2014 typewriter collectors' convention in Milwaukee:

    1. Unless something comes up, I plan on being there! As a local, have also offered to help out if needed.

  2. Great gift idea for that Underwood.

  3. A noble purpose! I love passing along machines when there's a story already attached to them.


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