17 January 2011

Time and Water

Westlands Park, Greenwood Village, CO. (USA)
Photo by me.

I love watching astronomy and cosmology shows television shows - Through the Wormhole, Planet Earth, The Universe, and How the Earth Was Made. And you can be pretty sure that any one of the latest spate of shows on dinosaurs - besides including the gratuitous footage of THE COMET that ended it for them 65 million years ago - will include a CGI timelapse of geographies changing over vast millennia.

Glacier National Park, Montana (USA)is its own living timescape.  Over the past few years I've enjoyed their webcams, especially the one focused on Lake McDonald.  Besides the sheer beauty of the place, I am fascinated by the sense that I am witnessing on a minuscule level, the movement of time.  Here are some of the screenshots I've collected.  (Note: What looks like a UFO in one image is simply an insect on the camera lens.  Talk about an even smaller level of perspective: insect time!)

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