12 February 2014

Keeping it Green

This is the view out our front door. It's been this same view all winter.  Some of the time bright like this, but more often grey'd over and dim.  The snow has been there pretty much since Winter Day 1. And it's been cold, really cold; all crisp and edgy cold with that strict and icy blue scent that the makers of men's cologne try to capture as that last final edge.

It's been beautiful this winter.  This image is a bit misleading, though. It shows what is not what it has seemed. The beauty holds itself in the sheer drama of biting cold and clear everywhere-white.  But the feel of it has been increasingly hard on the soul. There is so little color other than the white snow and grey skies.

So Beloved Spouse and I treasure the two things that have kept our souls reminded the colors we are missing: our houseplants and a painting by my late sister, whom I have referred to in this blog as Artist.

Jan Marie Jablonski


Hurry Spring!


  1. Nice plants! Is that a Norfolk Island Pine I see in there?

    1. Yes indeedy! The person who gave it to me was downsizing her plant collection. She'd gotten it as a Christmas gift many years ago. It was a only a wee, 4-inch twig of a pine then.

  2. Replies
    1. Funny, Ton. I was going to kid you by saying I used to have one among the plants but rusted it out by over-watering it. And then I got all panicked at the imaginary destruction. ;-)


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