07 July 2013

Summer Porch Garden Underway

This year's porch garden got off to a slow start, thanks to the late Spring, which was cool and rainy.  Usually I get things planted by Memorial Day weekend. This year it was two weeks later.

And since the summer looks to be a busy one, this post will be likely one of only a few I get out on our gardening. So I've done a bit of time compression to show you how things are going!

Our porch has a piece of re-purposed decor this summer: the last-year's nest of a robin we named Missus Yount (after MLB Hall of Famer Robin Yount) and her two young'ns: Robin Jr. and Kon Biki.

And we've rearranged things a bit too.  



And here's the rest of the current timeline and growth reports.

(last year's successfully wintered over in our basement)

Tomatoes and Basil

We added a little color this year - Impatiens -- pink and red -- planted pretty much wherever! 
Including in the large container for soil mixings.

And a Waxed Begonia or three.

Herbs (varieties of Thyme, Sage, Oregano) in June. . .

. . . and this recently.

This sunflower began with high hopes . . .

. . . but faded recently, despite good sun (but perhaps some over-watering).

The most exciting thing is that we already have some tomatoes ripening.  

That and the evenings we sit on the porch, 
enjoying the colors and scents of our garden!


  1. Nice, I would do some gardening if I had the space (read: apartment dweller). The robin's nest is lovely.

    1. Thanks, Ton. We are really pleased that our flat (lower half of a 1914 duplex) has such great porch space.

  2. Lovely atmosphere. I am jealous!

    1. Thank you, Emily. I am thinking all it needs to be perfecto is a piece of historic armor, artfully placed. ;-) (Hope you had fun this holiday weekend amid the packing!)

  3. Lovely porch. I miss having a porch. Then in Florida it is too hot and humid to sit out during 9 months of the year.
    The gardening looks like it is coming along quite fine. The robin nest is quite fitting. It adds living character.

    1. What kind of gardening would you be able to do in Florida? Any vegetables? Or is it just too hot? (I've visited FL a few times, but never long enough to get a sense of what it would be like to live there year-round.)


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