12 August 2013

Looking For: Hatmaker Nicholas

[UPDATE: Found! Thanks to NS for contacting me!]

I don't usually use a blog as an information search and retrieval tool, but today I am. And apologies to those of you who popped in looking for a new (and hopefully entertaining) post.  I am trying to contact "Nicholas S" who emailed me about making a wizardly hat.

Good Sir, my Yahoo account is being very, very hinky of late. I received your message (belatedly) but am, at the moment, unable to reply as the aforementioned hinkacious Yahoo thingy's reply, forward, print, and what-have-you functions desire not to work for unknown reasons.  Nor is said Yahoozery letting me see your email addy by which I might contact you via other means.

First, Sir, my plentiful apologies for what must have appeared at your end to be radio silence! Second, Sir, I am utterly delighted and charmed with your hat-making adventure and would, perforce, desire to learn more of it.  I hesitate to ask you to post an email address to the comments below as I honor the privacy of people.  However, I would like to communicate with you about the making of that absolutely wonderful hat!  Please, Good Sir, if you see this electronic missive, consider how I might contact you.  (Mine own Twitter acct is also a possibility, if thou has one as well.) Or, should you email me again at Dante's Wardrobe, please include your email address in the body of the message.  

Thank you.

We now return all to this irregularly scheduled bloggery.

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