17 May 2013

Freebies on a Friday

Shropshire Post Lady Delivers Mail in Winter

As many of you know, I am big into letter-writing, actual and fictional.  And as many of my readers and fellow Typospherians have been most appreciative and encouraging of Dante's Wardrobe, I would like to say Thank You and give you something in return.

Below are some download-able items I've made as part of my letter play.  Please enjoy.

~ Ledeaux


Air Mail | Par Avion Labels

For 1" x 2 5/8" address labels (the kind that come 30 to an 8.5x11 inch sheet)

Finger Puppet Letterhead

For Letter Sized Paper ( 8.5x11 inch )


Letterhead Graphic | Dimensions: 1288 x 565 pixels | PNG format

 Close-up | Actual Size

* This particular letterhead design was created as part of a mystery postal package sent to the daughter of a fellow Typospherian.  The report on that gift may be found here. Tutorials on how I make my letterhead designs can be found here and here.

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