06 December 2012

Puppets Steampunked

My good friend Hoja is gallivanting through Northern Europe for a few months of adventure and research.  In her latest report, she tells of walking the streets of Tallinn, Estonia, in particular, the old 1/2-mile square of Vanalinn (Old Town).  This image above she captions as
"Nuku Museum of Puppet Arts: this is their "Steampunk Puppet Theater" -- a glowing window of clockwork automatons that whirl into jangly action every 30 minutes."

The museum's information video is a thorough delight!  

Ah, were you expecting your own language?  Did  it matter?  Hoja is finding that being a non-native has this most peculiar effect: a kind of fantastical buzzy glow.  She says, with delight, "imagine my surprise now that the printed word has absolutely no meaning here." 

I am immediately reminded of my 2nd most favorite book in the world: Shaun Tan's The Arrival.  

If I could give this book to every person I meet, I would.  It so precisely, so whimsically, so poignantly captures what it is to be Other - the stranger in strange lands.  Tan's illustrations are a master class in their expressive simplicity.  I have written about this book at length previously in my Cool Book series.  Please have a look.  Please have a read.

 Flock’  pencil on paper
By Shaun Tan


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