24 November 2012

NANO RHINO: Mostly Weekly Images ~ Sixth

By the 6th inning of any Milwaukee Brewers' home game, the fans are getting a bit antsy.  Great game or no, they're waiting for the big event of the day: The Sausage Race.  There's five of 'em: Hot Dog, Polish, Italian, Bratwurst, and Chorizo. (Apparently they have character names too.) The races begin with a flourish.  As the racers progress, things get a bit bunched up.  Occasionally there will be a crash and a sausage or two will hit the dirt.  But they get up and all make it across the finish line.

Week 3 of NaNoWriMo is a lot like the Sausage Race.  Plots start to bunch up, things get a little crazy, and here and there an author vents temporary frustration as they run up against the creative wall.  I posted more pics than usual this week, trying to keep the Typewriter Brigade cheered.

The Week 2 Postcards of Encouragement went out on time.  I tried to keep things light (though I wondered how a Rhino managed the graffiti lacking opposable thumbs!).

One Brigadier suggested a more dramatic solution to the Dragging Plot Problem.

A reflective moment on the natural development of Rhinos and Writing Machines was proffered.

Invariably, one of the newer Brigadiers will comment on the noisome aroma that can accompany some old typewriters - usually the result of mold and/or nicotine buildup.  It can be pretty bad!

Often in Week 3 the first Brigadier will pass the 50k word mark.  The saying goes that when this happens, a Rhino gets its wings!  This week we had our first sighting.

The Week 3 postcards were posted and noted.

A second Brigadier completed the race (though not his novel!).  
The remaining Rhinos were encouraged, though wistful.  When would their day of wings arrive?

The Great Rhino in the Sky looked down from its starry home and sent encouragement.

Week 4 is about to commence.  Best wishes to all!  
May your typewriterly steeds stay the course.  May your imaginations not fail you.

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