06 November 2012

NANO RHINO: Mostly Weekly Images ~ Four

36. Rhino - Steatite Seal, Indus Valley, 2700-1500 BCE

Oldest example of a NANO RHINO known!
"Rhino - Steatite Seal, Indus Valley, 2700-1500 BCE"

NaNoWriMo is officially underway and the Typewriter Brigade is off on its mad, clackety adventure.

As the time for The Great Writing drew near, there was considerable discussion on what machines people were going to use as well as considerable flaunting of how many machines were owned. The appropriate awe was accorded but some of the newer Brigadiers wondered if one needed more than a typewriter or two. 


Brigadiers became positively punch drunk with anticipation and a challenge, of sorts, was issued: "Try to include a scene or a mention or a side comment that include the word rhino."


Finally, November 1st dawned.  The Typewriter Brigade, as one, set to work on their machines.  A race it is, not always to the swift but certainly to the tireless.


Feeling poetic, I came up with this one to commemorate the first few days of writing.


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