16 November 2012

NANO RHINO: Mostly Weekly Images ~ Five

NaNoWriMo always begins with a flourish of excitement and energy. The Typewriter Brigade has been nattering for several weeks beforehand.  Typewriters are displayed, mechanical problems are discussed, and there is a general happy bustle of anticipation.  At 12:01am on November 1st, the level of intensity changes dramatically. The writers have set to work.

Here's what I posted for the Brigadiers this week.

Once a week I send off Postcards of Encouragement to the Brigadiers who signed up for it.  I let them know when the cards go out. 


In their initial enthusiasm, many Brigadiers forgo sleep.


There was considerable joy as plots and characters (and typewriters) got into a flow of happy progress.
I posted a link to this Dancing Rhino Puppet video to celebrate.

As always happens, many authors found that their characters had begun to take over.  When the Great Rhino starts messing with you and your novel, the only thing you can do is . . . make RHINO COOKIES! I posted this pic and a link to the recipe by Jenni Field, aka the Online Pastry Chef.

Mighty Rhinos 006

It also happens that as Brigadiers struggle, their Typospherian colleagues are unstinting with their encouragement and support.  Writing may be a solitary occupation, but NaNoWriMo is a team effort!


And now, Week 2 of the event is underway!

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