22 October 2012

NANO RHINO: Mostly Weekly Images ~ Two

Well, the big news over at the NaNoWriMo's Typeriter Brigade this week was that Mr. Clemens' rhino broke out of its paddock and briefly infiltrated the AlphaSmartees turf.  It was a bit noxious over there for awhile.

For those who are puzzled, you can learn all about stuff here:
  • What IS a NANO RHINO?  Who or what is the NaNoWriMo Typewriter Brigade? My recent post contains that info and links. 

Meanwhile, I posted a few more NANO RHINO memes for the entertainment of the Brigadiers this week.


There was some trash talk of the "don't be talking about my mother" variety this week.


It's been observed that PIE and CHOCOLATE seem to be critical components of the Typewriter Brigade's Food Pyramid.


The dreaded WD40 beast raised its nasty face and Brigadiers were quickly reminded to avoid it at all costs lest it cause their machines to seize up down the road.


Music hath charms they say. A certain vintage tunes streaming radio station was commented upon and the NANO RHINO was inspired to break out its 45s and bust a few moves.

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