24 July 2011

Urban Farming: Week 9

Dear Diary,

It's just as well the house nickname for our little garden plot is a science experiment!  Some things are growing well, others not so well, and still others. . . who knows? 

One of the zucchini plants appears to have offered its life for the sake of zucchinis everywhere.  I'd missed a few days watering due to my uber-focus on the Summer Wizarding Event.  All the other plants bore it well, but this one did not.  And three of the squares are just blank!  Not sure what the story is there; will need to scrounge up the original planting map and the back up seed packets.  Maybe I can get another round of something in for the latter half of the summer.

The pole beans are busy making Plant Art.  Their topmost tendrils are making lovely curlicues around the trellis we put there for them.  I pulled one carrot to see how far they have to go . . . pretty far.  The bush beans are finally starting to reveal actual beans!  Not just all that leaf-i-tude.

And we harvested the leaf lettuce this morning.  With the temps here in the very humid 90s, we are eating light.  The lettuce will make a perfect lunch.

The sunflowers are about 3.5 feet high now.  No seed-heads yet, but I think we'll be ok.  The sunflowers planted a few weeks earlier in the community section of the gardens are almost 1.5 feet taller, but have no heads yet either.

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