20 July 2011

Real Postage This Time

This past April, I posted on the making of faux postage stamps.  Though not a collector, I am just as keen on real postage.  I've been using them on the letters packets and packages our new "students" will receive at this weekend's Summer Wizarding Event.

One of the "Faux Packages"
Photo by me

So I keep my eye out for sites with images of real postage.  I have a bookmarked file of them.  I use them for reference and my mail art projects. And I never pass up the opportunity to buy a packet of old stamps at a yard sale!  I have a great stash for projects.  Here are some of the sites I've marked.

Image from How to be a Retronaut

The endlessly absorbing site by Oxfordshire's Chris Wild -- a consultant in archives, museums, brands and digital history-- is How to be a Retronaut He had a post on postage stamps about communication. Here's that link.

Images from Adapt_or_Die's Flickr stream

Flickr has been a good resource for my stamp hunts.  A member going by the name of Adapt_or_Die has a collection of 20th-century postage stamp  images that are strong in terms of their color and graphic sensibility. His/Her collection is here.

Philatelic reference sites, i.e., websites about by by stamp collectors, are a rich resource for stamps as well as images of old letters and postcards. The image above comes from a site that includes an entire section on St. Vincent, a British territory in the Caribbean.  Go here to see the wonderful selection of images.

Image from The Fortean Times

In an undated article from The Fortean Times, an online magazine dedicated to "the world of strange phenomena", I found a great collection of stamp images illustrating themes of UFOs, SciFI, and space travel.  The link to that article is here.

The above image comes from a Tumblr collection of vintage postage stamps curated by Karen Horton.  In addition to images of stamps, she includes the occasional pic of various items decorated with stamps such as envelopes, miniatures, a bingo card.  You can see her 24 pages of images here.

Image from t_delger's Flickr stream

Along similar lines is a group of Airline Stickers on a Flickr collection by t_delger. Here the link to that. They would make great faux postage stamps.

Once the theater project comes to its successful conclusion, I am thinking about doing some real postage designs of my own. Zazzle lets you do that (see above images).  Here's the link.  (I'll post the link to mine when they come to fruition!)

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