12 September 2010

Worlds on Walls

I grew up with a lot of "makers" (long before the Maker Movement even thought of exisiting!).  A few excellent memories come immediately to mind: one brother sewed himself a camping tent because at that time there were none made for tall people; another brother made a robot costume for himself made of boxes covered with tin foil that had embedded working lights; a sister fashioned a 'dancing trail' of painted footprints (music played and one had to match one's dancing to the patterns of the feet markings).

One of my favorite memories is of the dragon mural brother Architect painted on a brick wall of the garage-cum-playroom.  It has long since been painted over and the playroom re-reconverted to a car garage, but the idea of spontaneously-painted murals continues to entertain.

Australian Murals

These two images are from the very amusing site of Australian Alan Wadell.*

The Murals of Philadelphia

[from the Time website: "A public art project which encourages local artists to create works utilizing the city's architecture has beautified the City of Brotherly Love and created an enduring cultural legacy."]  See here for more.

3D Murals
See more here.

Loyalist Murals in Belfast, Ireland.
See more here.

There are scads of images of murals out there.  To find them, search Google Images using the word murals.

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* Images by Wadell of Australian letterboxes were noted on this blog here and here.

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