17 April 2010

Creativity and Perfection Redux

The idea of perfection is something I talked about recently over on my professional blog.  It comes to mind again this weekend as I sit here in the room that is my studio workspace AND my office.  Last week I had to locate some books I'd packed away . . . somewhere in the room.  The end result is that I found the books but left the space in an utter shambles.

The room is not a large one.  It is serving double duty temporarily, but the timeline that will permit it to be single duty only is a bit nebulous at the moment.  That fact has been driving me crazy!  I want a studio ~ the perfect studio ~ now.  But now is not going to happen now. 

This morning I recalled the Cult of Done Manifesto.  I realized, for about the gazillionth time, that now, the real now of this very moment, is all I've got.  The room's a mess.  Big deal.  "Chill out already," I tell myself. As a friend of mine's teacher once told his class when they were wigging out about the fine details of an assignment: "Cities won't burn; babies won't die."  

Meanwhile, I can still make my art, write, and work on my creative doings, even in the space I am doing it in is not ideal.  One is a long time dead, so now is the time to create.  I will straighten up when I have time to do it.  The dust bunnies and piles of stuff can wait.

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