31 December 2013

T'was a Typospherian Christmas

Our holiday this year was low-key. Brother Woodcrafter and his family and sister-in-law Hiker - all of whom live in the Pacific Northwest - made sure the Typosphere was honored.

We always need two calendars in our house.  Beloved Spousal Unit's alma mater, Dartmouth College, always comes through with one. Then we usually wait until the January markdowns to find the second - often of dubious design (but for $5, who complains?). Happily, Hiker made that unnecessary.

The machines pictured are mostly mid-20th century. 
And very brightly colored! (Did they really make a PINK Skyriter?)

And this book is one I'd not heard of before, surprising given the number of Typospherian bloggers I follow!

Its copyright date is 2005, which precedes my Typospherian days by at least five years! Has anyone out there read this?

Woodcrafter sent along a lovely ribbon tin - for a Remington. I can see why collecting these tins would be so fun. I just love the artwork on its cover. 


And on a non-related note, the Himmelfutter dessert was perfect (and the family members with allergies - and who were made their own bowl - found that it is still quite good made sans walnuts and with gluten free flour)!



  1. Wow! What great gifts!

    I do not know about USA made Skyriters in colors, but the later ones from Holland may have had colors.

    Royal sure made a colorful line of typewriters from the very early days on.

    Have a great 2014!

    1. Oh good, Bill! I was hoping you'd see this as I know you are Skyriter-knowledgable! Happy New Year to to as well!

  2. I actually have a copy of the iron whim somewhere, but never have finished it. Might have to dig it up--remember it had some interesting bits.

  3. Good swag!

    I have that calendar. The typewriters are offered by Kasbah Mod, and some of them have been repainted, such as the Skyriter.

    I've read The Iron Whim. It's kind of postmodern-precious (it's modeled on McLuhan's non-linear style of writing) and it ends with the assumption that the history of typewriter is over -- ironically, the book was published just before the typewriter renaissance (or insurgency) started up. But there are some really entertaining and interesting thoughts along the way. If you like it, you might also want to check out Friedrich Kittler's Gramophone, Film, Typewriter.

  4. Hey, we just bought that same calendar, and I also have 'The Iron Whim.'

  5. Excellent takings there in the present sweep.

    And naturally, I have the calendar as well.

  6. This proves everything, low-key Christmass' can be just as thoughtful as the extremely overdone ones. And in my opinion, they are even better. What a lovely presents! You really have put in the effort for everyone!

    Enjoy reading the book. I've seen the title somewhere, but haven't read anything about it. Curious to read your review!

  7. Excellent! I also love the designs on typewriter tins.

    Happy New Year to you and the clan!

  8. Very happy you posted the book. I found a copy and at present I am fully enjoying reading it.


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