10 November 2012

Doodley Doodles

"A doodle is an unfocused drawing made while a person's attention is otherwise occupied."  So sayeth Wikipedia, which adds this observation:
"According to a study published in the scientific journal Applied Cognitive Psychology, doodling can aid a person's memory by expending just enough energy to keep one from daydreaming, which demands a lot of the brain's processing power, as well as from not paying attention." [Wikipedia article on Doodle]

This past week I found myself totally into doodling!  I've started a new job and had to attend a 4 day 'retreat' during which a boatload of information came my way.  By Day 3 I found concentrating a bit of a challenge.  This week now, as I was going over my notes for it all, I was highly entertained by the papers for Day 3.  The doodling was wonderfully elaborate which I didn't realize until now.  And it really kept me in focus.

I used a cheap Bic ball point pen; the paper was a 4x6 notepad.

That's all I got today!  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I notice the more intense the info I have to absorb, the more orderly my doodles. That top one was from an hour-long session. :-)

  2. Your doodling is a much higher grade than mine. I'm off to Greenbuild and will sit through roughly 20 hours of technical talks before it is all over. I've been using the note function on the company iPad. I'm afraid it is not well suited for doodling, so when I am starting to slip I tend to do a snarky play-by-play.

    1. There is an iPad app called Doodle Buddy that might same your brain whilst at the conference!


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