29 October 2012

NANO RHINO: Mostly Weekly Images ~ Three

The time is nigh and the Typewriter Brigade are about to begin their mad journey into that creative place where metal, ink, and mind come together.  The NANO RHINO mascot is their loyal companion.  Here are the latest memes I've made in support of it all. 

There has been joshing debate and no small amount of trash talking with regards to the writing tools used by the Brigadiers.  It matters not as long as writing happens.


Something entirely goofy called The Shakespeare Insult Kit 
inspired a meme based on a beastie called a hedge pig.


There is always a discussion about the opportunity to expand one's NaNoWriMo word count by padding the tale.  It was pointed out that our old friend, the thesaurus, can do wondrous things.  For instance, that paltry 3-letter word few may be expanded exponentially with the following:
exiguous, few and far between, imperceptible, inconsequential, inconsiderable, infrequent, insufficient, lean, less, meager, middling, minor, minority, minute, negligible, not many, not too many, occasional, paltry, petty, piddling, rare, scant, scanty, scarce, scarcely any, scattered, scattering, seldom, semioccasional, short, skimpy, slender, slight, slim, some, sparse, sporadic, stingy, straggling, thin, trifling, uncommon, unfrequent, widely spaced.


In the final week leading up to the November 1 -- Opening Day -- excitement began to build.  Typewriter choices were lauded and flaunted.  The energy was infectious.  The time was near.


Write-Ins (the meeting up of novel writers to share the fun, lift morale, and encourage writing) were discussed.  One Brigadier noted that his/her write in group did not welcome typewriters.  And a mighty rumbling was heard upon the land.

And so it begins . . .


  1. Gotta get the rhino charging. Now he is only standing awaiting the start order.

    Good luck with NaNo

    1. Good luck to you too, Bill! (Are you actually writing this year? I am not - just cheerleading and enabling the madness.)

  2. Words cannot adequately convey my opinion on the awesomeness of this rhino collection. You have outdone yourself! I especially enjoy the inner hedgehog.

    I don't plan on participating in the madness. I have at least made a point to keep up with my Typogram partner.

    1. Heeeee! Thanks! Apparently a hedgehog/hedgepig is featured in the Redwall books. Have yet to read those - will need to borrow 'em from my nephew.


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