25 May 2012

Congratulations Dragon & SpaceX!

Live Long and Prosper
Our future looks brighter thanks to you.


  1. Yes, the Dragon has style ;-) Can space elevators be far behind?

  2. I am way beyond that - I want those Replicator Thingies! ;-)

  3. The Dragon has been captured. Now for a safe return.

  4. I am looking forward to when they open the hatch between ISS and Dragon tomorrow. I understand there is a camera inside Dragon to show this very event.

  5. As long as no rogue Klingons have stowed away, all should go well!

    1. Ooooh. Now I am tempted to re-do the picture to include a tiny Klingon ship in the farther distance. But then I'd have to include a Romulan ship . . . and a Crystalline Entity . . . and . . . well, I suppose they are watching. Someone is I hope - and sees that this beautiful planet that houses too much by way of dysfunctional doings, can get its act together now and then and do something awesome.


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