25 February 2012

Lovely Blog, Lovely Typewriters, Lovely Writing

~ Father of ITAM ~

Just want to give a major shout-out to typospherian Adwoa Bagalini, author of the well-crafted Retro Tech Geneva.  In honor of February's International Typewriter Appreciation Month (ITAM) she's been posting every single day of the month!*  

Her Blog Header Image

Each entertaining and informative post opens with a gorgeous vintage postcard. (I continue to be delighted and amazed at the stuff Adwoa finds!  There ought to be a fancy medal given to people who are such perceptive collectors! Yes, that includes you, Richard P!) Ton of I Dream Lo-Tech recently posted here on Adwoa (and other typospherians). 

* I can just manage a post every 4 days or so! 


  1. Nice post. It is good to see some of the typospherians noted on a blog other than their own.

  2. Thanks - I was SO impressed with the work Adwoa put in this month to entertain and educate us!

  3. Why am I only now seeing this? Oh, dear. I have been remiss in not following your blog, and I shall start immediately!

    Thanks so much for your nice words, Ledeaux. I have posted an update on the designer situation over on the blog; I hope you get a chance to check it out!



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