15 October 2011

Charting the SciFi Readers

Image from NPR's post.
The link to the larger image is at this same site.

The folks at National Public Radio have contributed a bit of graphic awesomeness to the visual universe: a flowchart of the top 100 scifi books ever written (According to their own survey, of course; you may disagree).

Here's what they said: "Over the summer, NPR solicted the input of its listeners to rank the top science fiction and fantasy books of all time. Over 60,000 people voted for the top picks which were then compiled into a list by their panel of experts. The result? This list of 100 books with a wide range of styles, little context, and absolutely no pithy commentary to help readers actually choose something to read from it."

Of course I had to see if my all time fave -- Ursula K. Le Guin's The Dispossessed was there. It was, but as a bit of an outlier; it's only label being "communisim."  It certainly addresses that, but there is a heck of a lot more to it and the author than something that simplistic.  Other tags for it might be: utopianism, dystopia, sustainability, anarchism, world building, physics in fiction . . .

Makes me wonder what books and what labels the NPR list would have if it had been a survey of world readers, not just U.S. (Stanislaw Lem doesn't even make the list!!)

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