09 August 2011

The Whimsical Engineer

Smartphone Self Control: We know you love your gadgets. Always on, checking your crackberry every 5 minutes. Sometimes it's tough, but there are days they need you to sit down at a meeting and actually pay attention to the quarterly sales forecast. Make it through without checking your smartphone and award yourself this badge.

The above charming item (pic and text) is from a blog I follow called Awkward Engineer.  I don't recall how I found about him, but his humor - which is subtle and sly and, because of that, somehow fierce and joyful - absolutely makes my day every time I stop by.

Here's the Likes and Interests bit from The Awkward Engineer's Facebook page.  I am not an engineer and usually go all wiggy when confronted with numbers, but that last point -- the feeling you get when you understand something in math class -- yeah, I get that.  It's very cool!

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