20 February 2011

COOL Book: Touchstone

A long time history buff and avid reader; sometimes the two collide most happily.  I like biographies and certain historical eras - in particular Tudor England and anything post World War I set anywhere in the UK. 

Touchstone (2007) by Laurie King is a standalone novel set in England several years after the end of WWI.  An American agent, Harris Stuyvesant, is searching for a man he believes is behind a series of bombings back in the States.

King is brilliant at making her characters solid, credible, and exceedingly vivid.  If I could cast this book, here's who I'd have play the major characters.

Agent Harris Stuyvesant -- Russell Crowe

Captain Bennet Grey - Matthew Goode

Aldous Carstairs - Stephen Fry

Lady Laura Hurleigh:

Carey Mulligan (L)


Emily Blunt (R)

Sarah Grey -- Michelle Williams
Image source 

Sarah Grey -- Samantha Morton
Image source

Richard Bunsen - Christian Bale
Image source


  1. There isn't a single movie which is set in England where I wouldn't cast Stephen Fry.

  2. I agree, Ryan. He has a wonderfully subtle style that translates into so many kinds of characters.


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