21 January 2011

VIDEOS: Sky Night Sky Bright

My best first memory of sky watching was when I was a kid and my older sister Cee took us out for a night of it.  She brought a focus-lens flashlight which she used as a kind of pointer to outline the many constellations of the summer sky.

Living in the city, we are limited to seeing only the brightest stars and constellations: Ursa Major, Orion, Taurus, etc.  So I've been looking for videos online - not just any video; beautiful ones, by viewers who are as much artists as they are astronomy buffs. 

William Castleman of Gainesville, FL is an especially talented photographer. Here are two of his pieces.

The folks at Google have come up with a new application for Night Sky viewing and identification.  Here is their "how to" video about it.

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